Solar Tree® DCFC – DC Fast Charging


Solar Tree® DCFC (DC Fast Charger) is the most sustainable and rapidly deployed DC Fast Charger available today. Solar Tree® DCFC delivers up to 700 e miles per day, without connecting to the grid. It is delivered to the site as a kit of parts and is rapidly and easily erected. “Islanded” installations require no trenching and the only site disturbance is the installation of a pre-engineered foundation. Solar Tree®DCFC can be deployed anywhere there is a requirement for DC fast charging and it is especially compelling when the grid is either hard or expensive to access. EVs will be able to charge within a few days of the product’s arrival on site and there are no utility bills or black outs – ever. It’s good to know exactly what EV charging will cost you for the next 20 years – you can’t say that with utility powered chargers.

Get your DC Fast charger installed, without the worry of environmental impact, trenching and utility costs.

Solar Tree® DCFC delivers a 50kW (massive) charge through a column integrated DC fast charger.

When not charging EVs, use Solar Tree® power to shave demand charges or save lives when the grid goes down.

The energy is stored in on-board batteries and made available day or night – no intermittency as with other solar installations.