Solar Tree®


Envision Solar’s Solar Tree® Arrays are the highest quality, fastest deployed and most attractive turnkey photovoltaic parking shade systems in the industry. A Solar Tree® structure shades six to eight standard car parking spaces and simultaneously produces enough clean energy to deliver up to 700 e miles or power six family homes per day. The energy produced can be used to reduce utility bills, charge EVs and be stored for use in an emergency. Solar Tree® products consist of a 35’ by 35’ square, PV canopy mounted atop a single column. There is a 12’ standard minimum clearance from the lowest point on the array even when it is tracking the sun. Solar Tree® arrays are the ideal combination of form, function and sustainability.

12’ standard minimum clearance safely allows for shaded parking beneath the array.

Solar Tree® products come in standard or Boost configurations for higher power requirements.

Use Solar Tree® power to shave demand charges or save lives when the grid goes down.

Solar Tree® has been independently rated to survive hurricane force winds.