Drive on Sunshine, Thrive on Sunshine and Survive on Sunshine…

Rapidly deployed DC fast charging

for light and heavy duty EVs

the highest quality, fastest deployed off-grid charging solution for medium and heavy duty electric vehicles…

Electric buses are being deployed in cities all over the world. Companies like Tesla and Nikola are releasing electric semis. Cities are electrifying school buses, garbage trucks and every other kind of medium and heavy-duty vehicle. Bigger vehicles need more power. The patented Solar Tree® delivers. With the same great technology found in our EV ARC product, the Solar Tree® combines EnvisionTrak™ patented sun tracking and on-board energy storage in a much larger form factor. Generating and storing enough power to charge heavy-duty vehicles without connecting to the utility grid, the Solar Tree® makes the perfect clean, sustainable and reliable fast charging solution. It is delivered to your location as an easily assembled kit of parts and can be ready to operate in a fraction of time and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional utility grid-tied solution. The single column form factor means that while you have maximum solar generation you have minimum disruption in your parking facilities. Solar Tree® will not reduce available parking.

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Energy security

Because the Solar Tree® generates and stores all of its own electricity it is the perfect disaster preparedness tool. Grid outages are more common than at any time in our history and as we electrify our fleets, they will become much more disruptive. If you have Solar Tree® as part of your EV charging infrastructure mix you won’t have to worry about grounding your fleet when a grid outage occurs. Solar Tree® has proved it will continue working even the harshest environments and will survive high winds, snow loads and seismic activities. An optional E Power panel can be included on all our products so that first responders or businesses can connect to a clean and reliable source of electricity when it’s needed most. Don’t get stranded when the grid goes down – drive on sunshine, thrive on sunshine and survive on sunshine
outdoor media

Solar Tree® units are large and highly visible even though they do not interfere with your existing parking arrangements. Because they are so visible we have been able to develop innovative business models which work very well for some of our customers. Digital or fixed advertising panels, way-finding, amber alerts, WiFi or 5g stations, metered parking, CCTV and other security infrastructure can all be supported by our products. However you deploy Solar Tree® you’ll get the fastest deployed, lowest total cost of ownership EV fast charging infrastructure solution and your organization will stand out as a user of solar powered EV charging. Enhance your brand with a Green Halo!