EV ARC™ Bike / Moto – E-Bike and Motorcycle Chargers


The EV ARC™ E-Bike is completely powered by sunshine. Our bicycle corral accommodates 12 e-bikes at a time and will charge 50 e-bikes every day. When using credit card or access control readers, you will know exactly who’s using your bikes and where they are at all times. There is no need to run power or dig up the ground, just choose a place for your EV ARC™ E-Bike that faces the sky and the bikes will have all the power they need. The same great technology powers the EV ARC™ Moto. The electric motorcycles can be used all day and then charged at night, because the solar powered EV ARC™ has plenty of on-board energy storage to keep the motorcycles charging until the sun comes up.

The EV ARC™ E-Bike has space for 12 bikes and can charge 20 at a time.

Our bike stands are specially designed by Envision Solar to help prevent theft of the bike or any of its expensive components.

The EV ARC™ Moto. It’s everything you need to get going.

The EV ARC™ E-Bike and Moto can be used by anyone and all industries can benefit from its great technology.