ARC Mobility™ – Just Drag, Drop and Charge


Using our specialized trailer, ARC Mobility™ we can tow an EV ARC™ to any location in the US. When we arrive, we place the unit in a parking space and then use the hydraulic controls to lower the EV ARC™ into the customers selected location. The deployment of an EV ARC™ takes minutes and is inexpensive, fast and painless. The EV ARC™ is fully transportable and can be moved short or long distances, whether it be across a lot or across the country. If you plan on moving several EV ARC™ units, purchase an ARC Mobility™ trailer to make the job easier. Contact us today to determine if this option is right for your business.

The ARC Mobility™ trailer tows an EV ARC™ to a site with ease, just drag, drop and charge.

It is deployed in minutes by one person, with no forklifts or other equipment.

If you can park a boat, you can deploy an EV ARC™ - it’s that simple.

Planning on moving several units? Pick up an ARC Mobility™ trailer today.