EV ARC™ – Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger

Envision Solar’s patented EV ARC™ is the worlds only transportable, solar powered EV charging station. Delivered to your location complete and ready to charge cars, it does not require any permits, civil engineering or planning, foundations, trenching or electrical connections. Each EV ARC™ will deliver up to 225 e miles daily, while charging up to six EVs at a time. Equipped with on-board battery storage, it will charge EVs day or night and during a black out or other grid failure, you can use the energy produced by the EV ARC™ to keep your business up and running. If you want to change your charging location, the EV ARC™ is transportable and can be easily moved to a new location within minutes.

The EV ARC™ fits inside a standard parking space, can reach as many as 8 parking spaces and will not reduce your available parking.

The EV ARC™ is mounted on a ballast and traction pad which will keep it upright even in winds of 110mph or earthquakes.

Our patented EnvisionTrak™ sun tracking technology enables the EV ARC™ to make up to 25% more electricity than fixed solar arrays.

EVs that charge on an EV ARC™ are 100% emissions free, because our electricity comes from the sky - it’s as clean as it gets.