Solar Tree® with Customizable Branding

Solar Tree® is the ideal solution for powerful branding and making a statement. Get your message out on a highly visible platform, without all of the hassles of planning permission required for a sign. Whether you’re looking for increased traffic, visibility, or sales, our Solar Tree® products can get through outdoor advertising planning, where others fail. You’ll have a beautiful renewable energy platform drawing attention as it tracks the sun, while creating clean renewable energy that your customers will appreciate. Get yourself noticed for all the right reasons. Signs are a cost center but your Solar Tree® isn’t – it will put hard dollars back in your pocket every month through reduced utility bills. That’s smart and sustainable advertising.


!Solar HVBA Box 1!Solar HVBA Box 1

Get planning permission much faster for your sign requirements, through the deployment of our renewable energy branding platform.

!Solar HVBA Box 2!Solar HVBA Box 2

Reduce your energy bills and increase your energy security with Solar Tree® HVBA.

!Solar HVBA Box 3!Solar HVBA Box 3

Become a local hero - get your message out on a highly visible platform that demonstrates that you care for your customers and the environment.

!Solar HVBA Box 4!Solar HVBA Box 4

Own a sign that writes you a check every month through a reduction in your utility bills - what other sign gives you hard dollars as well as soft benefits?