New York City’s Fleet Looks to the Future With Innovative Safety Designs, New Solar Carports and a Partnership With Students Against Destructive Decisions

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For Immediate Release, May 11, 2017

Envision Solar's EV ARC™ front and center at NYC'S Fleet and Equipment Show

Envision Solar’s EV ARC™ front and center at NYC’S Fleet and Equipment Show


NEW YORK – At today’s 29th City Fleet and Equipment Show, the Department of CitywideAdministrative Services (DCAS) announced a series of new steps to further NYC’s progressive fleet leadership well into the future including several new safety and sustainability measures. NY cooperates the largest municipal fleet in the United States with over 30,000 units. Fleet has played an important role in Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero and NYC Clean Fleet initiatives and has been nationally recognized for its fleet leadership.

Among today’s announcements:

• As part of Vision Zero, NYC has finalized a Safe Fleet Transition Plan (SFTP) in partnership with the Volpe Center at US DOT. Under the plan NYC will receive its first 450 vehicles with automatic braking which helps stop a vehicle before it hits another vehicle, person, or object. Our new electric GM Bolts and plug in Toyota Prius Primes will come with automatic braking. The SFTP will require a broad array of safety investments including automatic braking where available, rear and side guards for trucks, and backup cameras and assists. Safer vehicle design can complement the City’s redesign of streets for safety and this plan will be a model for how to evaluate and implement these technologies.

• DCAS finalized a contract with Envision Solar for 30 solar carports to charge electric vehicles completely off the grid. The City will roll out 30 solar carports to fleet locations citywide in 2017. During Earth Week, Mayor de Blasio announced that NYC would acquire 1,000 EV’s ahead of schedule. These solar carports will power those electric vehicles with clean, off-the-grid solar power. In 2018, DCAS will also pilot public access for some of these solar units.

• NYC is also proud to announce a new partnership with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) to promote safety at NYC’s automotive high schools and driver education programs. Nationally SADD supports 7,500 chapters and 400,000 active student members, but there are currently no chapters in New York City. SADD will launch new chapters focusing on the City’s automotive high schools and driver’s education programs.

o NYC and SADD will provide students at these schools with training and awareness resources in the areas of traffic safety, substance abuse, and personal safety.

o SADD’s role will expand NYC’s Fleet current partnership with the City’s automotive high schools which includes paid internships and training on fuel efficient vehicles.

o DCAS also provides electric vehicles currently for DOE’s driver education initiatives, and will place one of the 30 new solar carports at Thomas Edison High School in Queens.

“NYC operates one of the largest fleets in the United States and we are committed to achieving the greenest and also the safest fleet. Today’s announcements bring us closer than ever,” said DCAS Commissioner Lisette Camilo. “NYC has a long history of being a leader in fleet management and we are excited about the progress made under Mayor de Blasio.”

“NYC Fleet is investing in the fleet of the future – electric and hybrid plug in vehicles, powered by the sun, and using new sharing and safety technologies,” said City Chief Fleet Officer Keith Kerman. DCAS thanks all its agency partners for their support and collaboration. ”

“SADD is so excited to launch this partnership with the City of New York and have the opportunity to reach and impact countless teens in the metro area with our message of empowering teens, engaging parents, mobilizing communities and changing lives,” said SADD President and CEO, Dawn Teixeira.

“As one of our country’s greatest cities, New York has a unique opportunity and responsibility to innovate and lead in the way we use the resources of government itself, from our buildings and tech infrastructure to our vehicle fleets,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer. “It’s exciting to see the latest safety features and green energy technologies being deployed in city vehicles.”

“They City Fleet continues to lead the way in innovation and safety, moving the industry along behind them,” said Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez. “The automatic braking system can save lives and the solar-powered charging ports for our new electric vehicles can be a game-changer in cleaner commuting. I’m glad to see the administration pushing the envelope in new ways and celebrate this news.”

Council Member Constantinides said: “At a time when our national leadership is abdicating its role in promoting sustainability, New York City’s leadership in this field is more critical than ever. When our city puts its institutional heft behind a great idea, it sets a benchmark at home and around the world. I’m proud to support the solar carports initiative and I want to thank Mayor de Blasio and DCAS Commissioner Camillo for the hard work they’ve done to continue building a greener NYC.”

“As the biggest user of biodiesel and largest EV fleet in the country, NYC Fleet is setting the precedent that a city can build safer and healthier communities through choosing sustainable options. It is because of this type of leadership that New Yorkers can one day envision a city that uses green delivery trucks and visitors and residents can share zero-emitting Electric Vehicle rides.” Christina Ficicchia, Executive Director, Empire Clean Cities

“New York City is a national leader in driving faster deployment of clean, efficient and safe vehicles for people and goods,” said Alycia Gilde, Northeast Regional Director at clean transportation consortium CALSTART. “That is why CALSTART is so proud to be a partner and collaborator with DCAS and its New York partners. By working together with vehicle manufacturers, businesses and fleets to deploy ‘state of the art’ low- to zero emission technologies we help create a more sustainable, livable city and at the same time spurring clean tech jobs for the City and region.” Alycia Gilde, Northeast Regional Director, CALSTART

The City has hosted a Fleet and Equipment Show for 29 years. The Show is a partnership between DCAS and Parks and offers over 150 vendors with the latest in safe and sustainable fleet and equipment technologies, as well as tools and workplace equipment. The show is free and runs from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Thursday, May 11 at the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The non-profit group Empire Clean Cities, which focuses on fleet sustainability, also hosts their annual stakeholder meeting at the show.

Video: Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Envision Solar, Speaking at the Press Conference

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