EV ARC™ Digital – Advertising Options


EV ARC™ Digital is the perfect combination of vital infrastructure and attractive economics. The EV ARC™ digital combines our high powered EV ARC™ 4 with a bright and powerful outdoor advertising screen. The screen receives its power entirely from the EV ARC™ (with plenty of energy left over for cars) and because all of our products are wireless, delivering content to your screen is easy. Whether deployed one at a time or as part of a larger network, the EV ARC™ Digital is the ideal way to get your message out on a highly popular and easily permitted platform. Screens will run multiple impressions and are highly visible when the sun is shining and when it isn’t – your EV ARC™ is equipped with on-board battery storage.


!EV ARC Digital Box 1!EV ARC Digital Box 1

Screens can be positioned at any angle to ensure that your message is seen by the biggest audience.

!EV ARC Digital Box 2!EV ARC Digital Box 2

Better the environment by utilizing advertising screes that pay for solar powered EV charging.

!EV ARC Digital Box 3!EV ARC Digital Box 3

The EV ARC™ digital powers the advertising screen day and night and charges EVs simultaneously.

!EV ARC Digital Box 4!EV ARC Digital Box 4

All industries can take advantage of the EV ARC™ Digital. Placed in any high traffic location, it will get your brand noticed.