Envision Solar Founder Robert Noble Presents Visionary Keynote at C40 Conference

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Envision Solar Founder Robert Noble Presents Visionary Keynote at C40 Conference

BASEL, Switzerland (Jan. 11, 2011) – Envision Solar International, Inc., (OTC BB:EVSI – NEWS), a leading sustainable infrastructure designer and developer, announces CEO and Founder Robert Noble has been invited to give the opening speech at Global Energy Basel, the First Sustainable Infrastructure Financing Summit (www.globalenergybasel.com). The event, being held at Congress Center in Basel, Switzerland, Jan. 11-12, 2011, features leaders and experts from all over the world and is dedicated to the vital cause of financing sustainable infrastructure.

Noble was selected as a result of his industry leadership and is the inventor of the Solar Tree® and Solar Grove®. He will co-present “Setting the New Sustainable Infrastructure Agenda” alongside a number of important corporate and political figures, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Noble will describe the future for integrated advanced solar and other environmental technologies and approaches.

In addition, Noble will give an overview of Envision Solar’s solar master plans and outline specific U.S. projects. He will discuss Envision Solar’s solar-powered electric vehicle charging projects with General Motors, review Sustainable Infrastructure and Park SolarSM projects for Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, evaluate global strategies with GAIA Global SA, and reveal designs for a major distributed generation, “Solar Forest”™ project in Gandhinagar, India.

“This extraordinary conference may constitute the greatest expert brain-trust ever assembled in the evolution of sustainable infrastructure,” said Robert Noble, CEO and founder of Envision Solar International, Inc. “I am pleased that several of Envision Solar’s major clients and alliance partners will be joining me there. A successful future can only result from a healthy, mission driven collaboration between government, industry, finance, NGOs, utilities and the local community. We must assure that new infrastructure is aesthetically superior to old-model systems, extraordinarily beautiful, and well integrated into our urban and rural building architectural landscape. I am proud that Envision Solar will play a key role in this new future and that we have been recognized by Global Energy Basel as leaders in the field.”

Noble will also present Envision Solar’s LifeVillage™ projects, and other off-grid strategies, that can provide housing and energy in remote or disaster-stricken locations, such as forward operating bases in conflict zones or earthquake ravaged regions like Haiti.

“The rapid and widespread deployment of solar and other renewable energy integrated buildings – like Envision Solar’s LifeVillage™ products – provide shelter, clean energy and purified water while reducing the cost of carbon fuels and even saving the lives of those who must deliver fuel in war zones,” Noble said. “Together, we can save lives, save money and significantly reduce reliance on greenhouse gas emitting carbon fuels.”

Other presenters include C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group chairman, Guy Morin; Basel Mayor Guy Morin; and David Miller, former chairman of the C40 and former mayor of Toronto and advisor to the president of the World Bank, as well as many other leaders in sustainable design.

For more information about Envision Solar or any of its Solar Tree designs and structures, visit www.envisionsolar.com.


About Envision Solar International, Inc.
Envision Solar (OTCBB: EVSI, www.envisionsolar.com, is a leading sustainable infrastructure planner and architect designing and deploying clean energy systems globally. The solar master planning firm provides strategic long-term solutions including comprehensive sustainability planning and optimizing designs for solar array structures. Founded by leading sustainable design architect Robert Noble, the company is a leader in the invention and construction of solar structures that address unused millions of acres of parking spaces. Its innovative systems include products for commercial, residential, and institutions, such as EnvisionTrak™, CleanCharge™, Solar Tree®, Solar Grove®, Solar Row™, LifePort®, LifePod™, LifeVillage™ solar systems and others. Envision Solar is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol OTCBB: EVSI. For more information on the company, contact 1-866-746-0514.